Yamaha Raises $50K for Georgia Tornado Relief

Funds support relief in Newnan, Georgia, home of Yamaha Motor Manufacturing.

Yamaha last week announced it had raised $50,000 toward tornado relief efforts in Newnan, Georgia, where Yamaha Motor Manufacturing is based. Yamaha

March was a bad month for weather across the South, with a three-day tornado outbreak from March 16-18, and a devastating EF4 storm on March 26. The March 26 storm was particularly bad in Newnan, Georgia, home to Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Company.

Last week, Yamaha announced that the efforts of its employees and executives had raised just over $50,000 for relief efforts in the town that is home to many of YMMC’s workers. The effort was strengthened by 200 percent matching donations from executives at Yamaha USA and Yamaha Motor Manufacturing.

Yamaha isn’t the only high-profile name contributing, and the efforts couldn’t be more critical, as Georgia officials estimate that 1,700 homes were damaged, 70 were completely destroyed, and 120 sustained serious damage. That’s a devastating toll by any imagining, and while the rest of the country emerges from the grips of a deadly virus, Newnan also has a serious rebuild to contend with.

Yamaha says the money went to helping 80 families pay their homeowners or auto insurance deductibles and providing a grant to a local nonprofit working on relief efforts. To this point, more than 250 families have needed some form of relief following the storm.