Bombshell Gear Releases New Waterproof UTV Storage Bags

Tactical-style storage-gear maker unveils new weatherproof line of bags.

Bombshell Gear’s stout new line of waterproof bags.Bombshell Gear

Bombshell Gear is adding a line of solid-looking, waterproof, MOLLE-ready gear bags to its family of tactical-style UTV storage bags. The new waterproof kit is fully compatible with Bombshell’s MOLLE door bag system, which lets you keep your gear right at hand on the inside of the driver or passenger door.

We’re most excited about the Waterproof Tear Away First Aid Kit, which for $120 comes slammed full of everything you need to get an injured buddy off the trail.Bombshell Gear

The waterproof line is made up of the Molle XL Pouch, the Waterproof Tear Away First Aid Kit, and the Waterproof Duffel Gear Bag. The stuff looks to be super tough, and it all features sealed zippers to keep out dust, dirt, and water. Each bag is also affordable: $50 for the XL Pouch, $60 for the empty Tear Away First Aid Kit, $120 for the loaded Tear Away First Aid Kit, and $120 for the Waterproof Duffel Gear Bag.

The Waterproof Molle XL Pouch.Bombshell Gear

The loaded first-aid kit comes with a medical tourniquet, a 24-inch splint, 10 yards of 1-inch surgical tape, two 2-inch-by-2-inch pieces of gauze, two 3-inch-by-3-inch gauze pads, two 4-inch-by-4-inch gauze pads, a 4-yard roll of gauze, gauze to quickly stop bleeding, a half-dozen butterfly bandages, and an assortment of disinfectants, ointments, and salves.

The Bombproof Gear Waterproof Duffel Gear Bag.Bombshell Gear

Head over to Bombshell Gear to check out their whole line of storage gear.

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