Check Out the Decked x Boxo USA Off-Road Tool Bag

A set of 80 Boxo metric hand tools in a tough Cordura bag.

Decked and Boxo USA have teamed up on an off-road tool kit that has everything you’ll need for a heroic trailside fix.Decked

The team at Decked has partnered with Boxo USA on an off-road tool kit that will let you go way beyond the scope of normal trailside “good enough” repairs. The Decked x Boxo USA Off-Road Tool Bag carries 80 hand tools between the bag and an inner tool roll. The bag holds 19 tools, while the tool roll holds 61. The roster includes 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch ratchets, a breaker bar, a full complement of metric sockets, a full set of metric box wrenches, two sizes of adjustable wrench, and an assortment of pliers, to name a few.

There are 61 hand tools in the tool roll, which lives inside the larger main bag, which holds another 19 items.Decked

In true Decked fashion, it’s all conveniently and neatly organized in a tough Cordura nylon outer duffel bag that holds the tool roll and five smaller removable bags. Decked worked in a bunch of smart features, like MOLLE webbing straps on the exterior of the bag so you can secure it to just about anything. Decked is known for truck bed drawer systems that will stand up to the cruelest abuse, and the Cordura bags are no exception.

Decked is excellent at clever organization, and the Off-Road Tool Bag is a great example of that.Decked

The Boxo USA hand tools the bag holds have developed a reputation over the last few years for being way nicer than their price would lead you to believe, and tough enough to easily handle daily shop use. Better yet, the tools come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you needn’t worry if one breaks.

The kit fits just beautifully in a Decked drawer system.Decked

The whole 80-tool kit comes in at 31 pounds and measures roughly 20 inches long by 14 inches wide by 6 inches high. If that’s too big for your UTV bed, you can separate the tool roll and still have a damn good chance of solving whatever trailside issue you encounter. The whole shebang retails for $595, and can be found at Decked’s website.

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