Dometic Brings Go Outdoor Gear to Market

Gear designed to make outdoor living easier than ever.

Dometic Go Collection furniture consists of chairs, benches, tables, and heated personal blankets.Dometic Outdoor

Most of us know Dometic for its line of multi-fuel refrigerators. These units have been used in the RV industry for decades, but Dometic rose to fame with its well-built, mobile, self-contained mini-refrigerators when the overlanding and “van life” lifestyle exploded recently. Contrary to popular belief, Dometic does much more in the overlanding space with engineered products for almost any path to the outdoors.

With its most recent product launch, the Dometic Go Collection, the hope is to grab a larger piece of the off-road and backcountry market. These products are designed to work together and fit seamlessly into your trunk or truck bed.

Dometic Go Collection food-safety products include mini-coolers, portable hard storage cases, and a self-contained powered hydration station.Dometic Outdoor

Dometic’s new Go Collection will include everything from comfortable and compact furniture to a fully self-contained powered hydration station. Pricing starts at $39.99 for the smallest cooler and extends upward to $199.99 for the bamboo-top table. These products are expected to launch sometime during the spring of 2022. We can’t help but imagine the many uses for extending UTV trips into the backcountry with this new Dometic gear.

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