Roam Adventure Co. Vagabond Rooftop Tent

Forget sleeping in the dirt.

Roam Adventure Co. Vagabond RooftopRoam Adventure Co.

We’ve spent plenty of time in rooftop tents. We once went so far as to bolt one to a Honda Talon to see if we could build a mobile camping platform capable of getting us into the backcountry. It turns out that with a little planning, you can set up a side-by-side to lug your RTT anywhere you like, which means you’re all but guaranteed a good night’s sleep when you get where you’re going. Roam Adventure Co. was founded by a group of friends in Austin, Texas, looking for good gear, and the company’s line has expanded to include weather-resistant hard cases, coolers, and, of course, rooftop tents.

The Vagabond, pictured here, is the king suite of the bunch, with room for up to three people, a thick foam mattress pad, and a massive annex for those days when the sun refuses to shine. At $2,899, it’s reasonably priced compared with hard-side pop-up rooftop tents like the Roofnest unit we tested last year. The Vagabond looks like it’d make a great option for people who want a base camp on their tow rig, but if you’re hunting for something to bolt to your side-by-side, you’re probably better off looking toward some of the company’s smaller units. Check out the Roam site for more information.

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