Can-Am Gives Away Owner’s Manuals

Bought a rig without an owner’s manual? No problem.

What do you do if you bought a used Can-Am that didn’t come with the owner’s manual?Justin W. Coffey

When we purchased our 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR, we noticed something missing from the glove box: the owner’s manual. These days, that’s not a huge deal, as everything you need to know about a machine is a few keystrokes away, but even the best forums aren’t as detailed as the factory paperwork. I was reminded of that when I broke the machine’s CVT belt during performance testing last week. Some quick searching couldn’t turn up accurate information on the belt’s service interval, so I turned to trying to locate an original owner’s manual.

My first stop was eBay, but the only options there were downloadable pdfs. Curiously, one listing mentioned that the manuals were legally obtained from Can-Am, which had me wondering how someone was able to get a downloadable manual for resale. Turns out, that seller is running a scam. Some searching on BRP’s site turned up an entire section dedicated to the owner’s manuals for the company’s machines, past and present alike.

All you have to do is click through to your year and model and download the information. That’s not quite as handy as having a printed version, but it’s better than crawling through terrible YouTube videos to find out how to change a spark plug.

Our owner’s manual at last.Zach Bowman

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