How to Clean UTV Tires

The quick way to scrub the dirt off your knobbies

Work smart, not hard.Kevan Ray

Keeping your side-by-side looking good starts from the ground up with clean wheels and tires. One of the worst parts of cleaning your UTV can be the rubber. Sidewalls have gotten more and more aggressive over the years, resulting in many tiny nooks and crannies for mud to hide. On top of that, rubber is porous and soaks dirt up like a sponge. Here’s a quick hack to make that job much easier.

Drill-based brushes do the hard work of scrubbing.Kevan Ray

Good old-fashioned elbow grease is perfectly fine but tends to get old quickly. Generic drill brush attachments can be purchased online in a variety of bristle stiffnesses. They pop right into your power drill of choice. Soft-bristle brushes are the best to use here in order to avoid scratching up your tires and rims. Have your drill on the lowest speed setting to keep from slinging soap everywhere. A steady hand and some trigger modulation will scrub the mud right off in a matter of seconds. We recommend doing this as soon as you get home so the dirt doesn’t have time to stain the rubber or soak in.

CAUTION: Water and electronics don’t mix. We do not recommend dipping your drill into a bucket of soapy water. A better method is to utilize a spray bottle with tire cleaner. If you don’t have that, use a separate long-bristle brush to dip into a soapy bucket and apply to the surface of the tire.