Remove A Broken Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Axle Tip

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Remove A Broken Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Axle Tip

Remove A Broken Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Axle TipUTV Driver

It’s very odd how the front axles in the Can-Am Maverick X3 are two different lengths. The left (driver’s) side is slightly longer than the passenger side. The long splined shaft has been known to break off internally exactly where the retaining clip groove is in the shaft. If this happens, you will see a gap between the housing of the front differential and the stub axle on the driver’s side and you may not feel 4WD working. In this case, the half shaft will be very easy to remove, but due to a small rod in the center of the diff, the broken piece is very hard to get out. Here’s the easy way.

If you need help getting your axle out of the front differential watch our how to video HERE.

After removing both axles, remove the retaining clip from the grooves inside the differential. It’s best to use a small, long pick.UTV Driver
Then, from the backside, we used a hacksaw blade to push the broken piece out.UTV Driver
It the broken piece is jammed, try turning it with a long wood screw or lag bolt. By putting pressure from both sides, you should be able to rotate it and line it up with the splines so it will slide out.UTV Driver