Polaris Expands RZR and General Steering Wheel Recall

38,900 Polaris RZRs and Generals now affected by the recall.

Polaris last week expanded its recall of 2020–2022 model year Generals and RZRs for steering wheels that can detach from the steering shaft and cause a crash.Zach Bowman

Polaris has recalled 38,900 2020–2022 model year RZRs and Generals for steering wheels that could break and detach from the vehicle. The problem was first noted in November, and Polaris recalled 9,700 units in January. Last week, it expanded the recall to cover 38,900 vehicles globally.

According to a news release, Polaris has had 48 complaints of steering wheel spokes cracking or breaking, and has had reports of nine accidents related to the failure. If your RZR or General is affected by the recall, Polaris says to stop using it immediately and call your local dealer to schedule a free replacement of the steering wheel.

To see if your rig is under the recall, enter its VIN on the Polaris recalls page, or call (800) 765-2747.

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