Watch the Polaris Electric Ranger Test in the Cold

In a new video, Polaris shows off the capabilities of its electric Ranger.

Polaris is coming fast out of the gate with its all-electric Ranger, promising that the rig will provide more horsepower and usable torque than utility rigs have ever produced with traditional internal combustion power.

Polaris shows off its upcoming electric Ranger with some brutal cold-weather testing in Canada.Polaris
Polaris engineers promise a wider torque curve with full power available almost instantly. That means the rig should make short work of most jobs.Polaris

Polaris detailed the rigs in the first of three publicity videos for the Ranger EV, which will be available in December. Chris Judson, vice president of Ranger at Polaris, says electric power lends itself especially well to utility work, as peak torque is nearly instantaneous and can be maintained over a wider range of speeds. In short, the machines should never feel sluggish or wanting for grunt when you need it.

With a snowplow out front and another Ranger on a trailer, the electric Ranger looked decidedly understressed.Polaris

Polaris is sure to highlight that the electric Ranger’s torque curve should make it ideal for plowing deep snow, and should increase its towing capacity. The clip shows the rig plowing snow on a frozen lake, towing another Ranger and, fittingly, an ice fishing shed. The point is clear: Whatever you’re looking to pull or haul, the electric Ranger will bring more to the table than its gasoline brother.

Confirmed. The electric Ranger will do donuts.Polaris

Judson also points out that electric power lends itself nicely to goofing off, noting that instantaneous throttle response should give acceleration characteristics beyond the possibilities of a gas rig.

A fully outfitted ice fishing shed isn’t exactly a featherweight deal. The electric Ranger appears to make short work of dragging one to the perfect spot.Polaris

The first video is proof positive that the electric Ranger will earn its keep in freezing conditions, and has the grunt to handle all manner of work and recreation. No word yet on when the next videos will drop, but we’ll be here to break them down in detail when they do.