iKamper ReCovery Collection Turns Salvaged Materials Into Gear

In an effort to keep waste out of landfills, iKamper has introduced a line of recycled material gear.

The iKamper ReCovery Collection rain poncho.iKamper

iKamper is taking a stab at cleaning up the outdoor gear industry by introducing a lineup of outdoor gear made entirely from salvaged materials. With an eye toward keeping waste materials out of landfills, and on the back of a philosophy of thoughtful design, the company put a modest collection of gear together that in some small way keeps the outdoors we love healthier.

The iKamper ReCovery Collection firewood carrier.iKamper

The lineup is typical high-quality iKamper stuff, though notably it is limited to accessories rather than a full-on salvaged rooftop tent. Right now, the gear line consists of an apron, a firewood carrier, a tote bag, and a rain poncho. The gear ranges from $60 for the tote bag and the firewood carrier to $100 for the poncho.

The iKamper Recovery Collection apron.iKamper

In keeping with the thoughtful and altruistic theme of the ReCovery Collection, iKamper has partnered with Charity:Water, Tread Lightly, and The Conservation Alliance to support their efforts. To get a look at the gear collection, check out the iKamper website.

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