Inferno Cab Heaters Are a Slick Solution for Unheated UTVs

Heat your UTV for less than $450.

For $430, UTV Source will sell you a cab heater that takes your side-by-side from freezing cold to cozy and warm.UTV Source

The days are already getting longer, but that doesn’t mean winter is done with us. Some of the coldest days of the year land in February, and if your side-by-side doesn’t have a heater, that can mean you’re off the trail till things thaw.

The folks at UTV Source have a solution in the line of Inferno Cab Heaters. For $430, the Inferno can be retrofitted to a huge range of UTVs. The heaters come with wiring, hoses, ducting, the heater and blower motor unit, and all the switches you’ll need. After that it’s a matter of following the directions to get the thing hooked up.

Air conditioning is nice in a side-by-side, but a heater is an absolute game-changer. Hot days are easy to deal with, but cold can absolutely be a killer. Unfortunately, getting an OEM heater in your UTV usually means coughing up for an expensive option package. With the Inferno, you get the comfort for less than the cost of a set of tires.

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