Watch 4WD 24/7 Tackle the Rubicon Trail

A bunch of Aussies wheel in America for the first time.

Shauno beaching his Land Cruiser on its first American obstacle.4WD 24/7

The guys at 4WD 24/7 are no strangers to rough trails, having conquered just about everything on their native continent of Australia. But until now, they’ve never had the chance to go wheeling over here in the States. The crew is currently on a trip to America, and the first stop is the legendary Rubicon Trail. The only vehicle of theirs that they shipped was Shauno’s Land Cruiser, everything else was either rented or borrowed. The rest of the fleet featured a modified Jeep JK Rubicon and two Toyota Tacomas.

It goes without saying that 4WD 24/7 was way out of their element on the Rubicon Trail, going from the swampy, muddy trails back home to looking up at steep rock climbs. After learning to navigate the rocks, which featured a great clip of Shauno beaching his rig on the first obstacle, the crew ended up having a blast on their first excursion in the US. Check out the full video for more. It’s long, but well worth the entire watch.

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