Watch 4WD 24/7 Tackle Moab

The steep slickrocks nearly cause an actual tragedy.

Moab very nearly got the best of the 4WD 24/7 crew in a very big way.4WD 24/7

The 4WD 24/7 crew has had the great fortune to wheel in some of the coolest locations on Earth, but even they weren’t ready for the majesty, the challenge, and the dangers of Moab, Utah. To wrap up last summer’s American adventure, they took to the red rocks of southern Utah to see what the slickrock trails are all about. But before they set off, they flew Jocko in to round out the crew.

On the bright side, this is an epic spot for a recovery.4WD 24/7

With two Tacomas, a Land Cruiser, and a Jeep Rubicon in the arsenal, the boys got to some gnarly wheeling, epic views, bar-none camping, and yes, no shortage of trouble. The first hitch comes when Shaun’s lockers stop working on some pretty burly rock steps. The fault isn’t enough to stop the Dirty30, but it definitely isn’t ideal. Luckily, a quick wiring fix gets him back in action.

But there is a properly, actually scary moment in store, and it came after the cameras were turned off. On a steep chute they had aced the day before, one of the Tacomas loses momentum before suddenly gripping again. That thrusts the front wheels skyward, very nearly turning into a backward somersault.

It all comes out OK in the end, but it’s a good reminder to wheel with buddies, and to always take every obstacle seriously, even if you’ve already successfully tackled it once.

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