Watch Doug DeMuro Crawl All Over the New Land Cruiser

DeMuro checks out the quirks and features of the 2025 Land Cruiser.

Doug DeMuro gets under the skin of the new Toyota Land Cruiser.Doug DeMuro

All three editors of UTV Driver were born after their automotive time. To a man, we’re routinely enthralled by past-its-prime tech and lament the march toward ever heavier, ever more isolating cars and trucks. Sure, almost everything available now is faster, quieter, more efficient, more capable, more capacious, and safer than the stuff we like, but almost none of it excites us.

Toyota modernized the old-school Land Cruiser’s blocky shape and made a winner.Doug DeMuro

But then Toyota introduced the new Land Cruiser, and all three of us were smitten. Toyota went old-school, ditching the enormity of the old 200 Series for a visually smaller truck with throwback lines, lockers, and a no-nonsense vibe. It also made the LC somewhat affordable, at just about $57,000 for a base model.

The cabin is refreshingly simple. You get all the modern conveniences without a ton of fanfare. Sign us up.Doug DeMuro

Reviews of the thing are just now starting to roll in, and it sure seems like the new LC is as good in real life as it is on paper. In this video, YouTuber Doug DeMuro gives it his signature “quirks and features” treatment. Compared to the new 4Runner, there are some odd spec choices, and a lot of what Doug finds funny is exactly why we think it’s cool.

Styling leans heavily on the 1980s-era 60 Series Land Cruisers, with a splash or two of 1990s FJ80 thrown in.Doug DeMuro

There are three trims, but they all come with center and rear lockers, and a turbo four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain. And, crucially for guys in our line of work, it’s rated to tow 6,000 pounds, which means moving your side-by-side around should be no trouble. Check out Doug’s review at the link.

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