Watch Superfast Matt’s First Look at the 2025 Toyota 4Runner

TL;DR: It’s a 4Runner, and that is good.

The 2025 Toyota 4Runner Trailhunter Edition.Superfast Matt

We have come to love the content from YouTuber Superfast Matt. His deadpan delivery is hilarious, and his reviews are always polished, well scripted, and balanced. His review of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner is no real exception, except that he is perfectly clear up front that he’s something of a 4Runner fanboi, having owned two fifth-gens.

The review goes over in sharp detail the new 4Runner, which is very closely based on the 2025 Tacoma, and rides on the Toyota TNGA platform that carries all of Toyota’s body-on-frame 4x4s these days, from the 4Runner to the Land Cruiser to the Tundra. The turbo four-cylinder is the only internal combustion option, but it’s available attached to a hybrid system, which bumps horsepower by 50 and sends torque north of 400 lb.-ft.

That means the sixth-gen 4Runner will tow 6,000 pounds, according to Toyota. Matt’s main takeaway is that, despite the inevitable influx of complexity, the 4Runner is still a pretty simple 4x4 for people who want a rig that works, works well, and does little else.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Check out the whole review below.

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