Check Out EVP Paragon’s 700-HP Turbo RZR Pro R

Evolution Powersports’ kit will get you insane power out of your Polaris RZR Pro R.

Evolution Powersports makes a turbo kit that gets 700 hp out of the Polaris RZR Pro R. We want it.EVP

Evolution Powersports has built a turbo kit and engine upgrade package that gives the Polaris RZR Pro R an almost unthinkable 700 hp. The stock rig is plenty quick with 225 ponies from its naturally aspirated, 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but there’s “plenty quick” and then there is “absolutely ridiculous.” In the two years since the Pro R debuted, our appetite for more has only grown, and EVP has made itself our knight in shining armor.

The kit is plug-and-play, but with one huge caveat: It requires a full bottom end rebuild that isn’t in the kit.EVP

Naturally, all that horsepower is pretty expensive. The EVP Paragon P57-700 Turbo Kit runs $14,288 to start, and that’s if you install it yourself. It’s a plug-and-play setup, with one huge caveat. Unless you want to immediately buy a new bottom end, you’ll need the EVP Stage 1 RZR Pro R engine rebuild. That’ll set you back $5,438 before labor. For those counting, that’s almost the cost of a Yamaha RMAX just in parts.

The price might be a bitter pill, but check out the video and tell me you don’t want that. The pulls alone are enough to make your hair stand on end. Added to that, EVP claims its turbo’d Pro R beat SXSBlog’s Hellforce, the infamous Dodge Hellcat-powered CFMoto, in a drag race. Consider us intrigued. You can always learn more at EVP’s website.

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