SXSBlog Has Already Broken the Hellforce

The Hellcat-powered side-by-side bent its frame in the dunes.

Shredding dunes on a suspension setup built for burnouts is not going to end well.SXSBlog

SXSBlog’s Hellforce is one of the most impressive side-by-sides on the planet. It’s a CFMoto Uforce utility rig with a Dodge Hellcat engine sending over 800 hp to the wheels. It’s insane, and there should be no reason why this thing should work. But it came from the guys who threw a 2JZ into a RZR, so anything is possible.

The crew had to fabricate a ton of parts to make this build work, including a beefed-up frame and custom suspension mounts. The problem there is that you lose rigidity when fabricating your own parts. Instead of full teams designing the parts on advanced software, you have a few dudes in a garage with a welder. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what went wrong.

If you didn’t know, suspension mounts are not supposed to twist like that.SXSBlog

While shredding the Glamis dunes, a bouncy takeoff ended up twisting the suspension mounts. It’s easy to see why, considering that the Hellforce’s custom suspension is set up for donuts and burnouts and not sandy dunes. Turns out, suspension travel is important.

Check out the video below to see the damage for yourself, and make sure you stay up to date with SXSBlog’s projects. Hopefully the Hellforce is back in action and doing more burnouts in no time.

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