Watch the Off-Road Heavy Wrecker’s Final Shakedown Run

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is ready for the Off Road Wrecker games.

Big recoveries require a big recovery truck.YouTube/Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

With the Off-Road Wrecker Games quickly approaching, the monster built by Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is looking good. We, and countless other viewers of the hit YouTube channel, have been following the progression of the project, and it’s finally ready for business. In the most recent installment of the heavy wrecker chronicles, the crew finishes up some odds and ends and brings it out to the trails for some testing.

Heavy and remote vehicle recoveries require a tow rig of corresponding capability. To do the deed, Matt and his crack team created one of the wildest machines we’ve seen. Gracing the pixels of the internet’s video platform is a fully custom, boom-bearing tow vehicle that has been specially designed to recover stuck and/or broken off-roaders from the depths of the greater Utah backcountry. Watch along as MORR puts some of the finishing touches on the off-road wrecker and conquers the Maze. As always, it’s good, fun viewing.

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