Watch Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rescue a 4Runner From Sand

Gunlock Falls proves to be too much for the mighty Toyota.

Be careful where you take your daily driver.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

From side-by-sides to Baja bugs, Matt’s Off-Road Recovery has rescued some interesting vehicles. But every once in a while, someone decides to take their near-stock vehicle where the road ends and bites off more than they can chew. This episode of MORR was one of those.

The first call was a Toyota 4Runner that had buried itself in the sand. We get it, you buy an off-road-capable vehicle and want to figure out just how far it can go, but a 4Runner isn’t exactly a dune-shredder. Luckily, the owner found that out without losing his vehicle.

The crew ended up redirecting a winch pull using a tree and pulled the 4Runner right out. Other than a bill from Matt and a bruised ego, not a lot was hurt.

Shockingly, the second recovery of the day was exactly like the first. A Ford F-150 had beached itself on a small dune while driving in sand. Like the 4Runner, it was a simple lesson about choosing better locations for off-roading. Check out the link below for the full video.

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