Watch SXSBlog Put a 46mm Turbo on Their Maverick X3

The Evo Paragon P46 turbo added an extra 20 hp.

The 46mm turbo that was installed onto Mike’s X3.SXSBlog

If you have kept up with SXSBlog, then you know that they are no strangers to more power. Recently, the crew gifted a new turbo to one of their members, Mike, to install onto his Can-Am Maverick X3. More boost, more power, and more fun.

Before they installed the new turbo, the crew decided to dyno Mike’s X3 to get accurate power numbers. The X3 is already far from stock, and that included a bigger turbo, so it ended up making 235 horses. Then they went to work installing the Evo Paragon, which took them the better part of the day. After they got it installed, they took Mike’s X3 back to the dyno and strapped it down for another test. The bigger turbo ended up harnessing almost 20 extra ponies for the X3, putting the max number at 253.

Take a look at their video to see the full process of installing the turbo and putting the X3 on the dyno.

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