Watch SXSBlog Jump Cars in a Stock Maverick R

This is the SxS content we showed up for.

Big ol’ jumps are our love language, and SXSBlog is fluent.SXSBlog

It’s been a minute since we’ve had some classic SXSBlog idiocy in our lives, but this video is the balm we have been seeking. The channel has been sporadic, showing videos about snowmobiles of late, which we’re sure someone is stoked on, but we tune in every week for shenanigans in UTVs.

The wait, apparently, is over, as a couple of weeks ago the dudes got in their 2024 Can-Am Maverick R, piled up some snow, and set out to see how many crappy cars the big rig would clear. Keep in mind this is a largely stock rig running sand tires. They already showed that it has what it takes to make a pre-runner look stupid, but this is next level.

In case you were worried, there’s a healthy dose of sketchy thrown in.SXSBlog

The answer to the question nobody knew they should be asking is three cars, with room to spare. We’re not sure we want to see them go for four, but we think the capability is there. Mostly, though, we’re just stoked to see some air under the tires.

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