2023 Can-Am Commander XT 700 First Look Gallery

Taking a look at the new Commander XT 700.

We just received a 2023 Can-Am Commander XT 700 for testing and can’t wait to get it out on a trail. For now, we’ll take a look at it at our HQ. Here are some photos of the Commander, stay tuned for more testing! If you want a full video walk-through of the rig, check out our TikTok (@UTVDriver) or Instagram (@UTVDrivermagazine).

The 2023 Can-Am Commander XT 700.Jackson Cooper
The Commander 700’s 650cc Rotax engine puts out 52 hp and 41 lb.-ft. of torque.Jackson Cooper
Up to 600 pounds can fit in the Commander XT’s rear dump bed, and it can tow up to 2,000 pounds while doing it.Jackson Cooper
An aluminum front bumper and 4,500-pound winch come standard on the Commander XT.Jackson Cooper
The XT’s 28-inch tires give it 13 inches of ground clearance.Jackson Cooper
Our XT 700 came in blue, but you can also get one in black or camo.Jackson Cooper
Without any screens, the interior is easy to navigate.Jackson Cooper
The XT gets 110-watt LED headlights.Jackson Cooper

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