2024 Polaris Xpedition Gallery

An up-close look at Polaris’ overlanding side-by-side.

Polaris took a bold step this week toward pulling in a new group of buyers. The overlanding crowd has yet to embrace side-by-sides, preferring trucks and SUVs, but the Minnesota company is looking to change that with its 2024 Polaris Xpedition. The first overlanding-specific side-by-side comes in two forms, either the trucklike Xpedition XP, or the SUV-like Xpedition ADV.

The first look at this thing is super promising, and we expect to get our hands on one soon, but for now take a gander at Polaris’ photos.

The 2024 Polaris Xpedition is available with an enclosed cargo box or an open dump bed. Both configurations are available with either two or five seats.Polaris
The Polaris Xpedition has a flat roof, which can accommodate Polaris’ brand-new rooftop tent.Polaris
The Xpedition is aimed squarely at the overlanding crowd, a group that generally shies away from side-by-sides in favor of traditional trucks or SUVs.Polaris
The Xpedition is designed to straddle the recreation, utility, and sport side-by-side segments, with elements from all three woven in.Polaris
Polaris designed more than 95 new accessories to enhance the Xpedition, including a set of tracks.Polaris
Polaris says it aimed the Xpedition at buyers who have multiple outdoor hobbies, and tried to adapt it to serve multiple pursuits at the same time.Polaris
Polaris has worked with Rhino Racks to put together a roster of cargo racks for all over the outside of the Xpedition.Polaris
With a pickup bed and an enclosed cab, the Xpedition takes definitive aim at the likes of the Toyota Tacoma.Polaris
The Xpedition will bow this summer with almost 100 accessories straight from Polaris.Polaris
Polaris says the Xpedition is aimed at customers who said they participate in multiple outdoor sports.Polaris
The Xpedition’s flat roof allows you to run roof racks and a rooftop tent.Polaris
On the Ultimate and NorthStar Edition models, Polaris’ fantastic Ride Command navigation is front and center.Polaris
Polaris ships the Xpedition with five-lug 15-inch wheels and a set of 30-inch Pro Armor tires.Polaris
In keeping with the overlanding ethos, the Xpedition can be had with a Polaris-branded 4,500-pound winch.Polaris
With Polaris’ biggest-ever fuel tank, the Xpedition should be good for a 200-mile range.Polaris
Polaris mentioned mountain biking, kayaking, and hunting in the literature for the Xpedition.Polaris
With a set of tracks, the Xpedition should be nigh on unstoppable.Polaris

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