Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Maverick Flex Test

How do the cheapest and most expensive Maverick compare on the RTI ramp?

In one corner we have the Can-Am Maverick R, the monster sport side-by-side that makes 240 hp and is equipped with a seven-speed sequential transmission. In the other, the Maverick X3 DS Turbo, the cheapest X3 that Can-Am sells. The ring? A 20-degree RTI ramp.

Everything that comes through our HQ gets tested, so when it came time to test the X3 DS Turbo, why not compare it to the best side-by-side Can-Am sells? We tested both on our RTI (Ramp Travel Index) ramp, which measures how much suspension travel a vehicle has.

There is up to a $50,000 difference between these two rigs. Top of the line versus the bottom. So which one will come out on top on the RTI ramp? Check out the video to find out.

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