Wilderness Collective’s All-in UTV Adventures

Check out the far-flung corners of the Grand Canyon with Wilderness Collective.

Wilderness Collective offers turn-key packages to get you far from cell service.
Wilderness Collective offers turn-key packages to get you far from cell service.Miah Idema

There was never a more apt time than 2020 to need to bug out into the woods for a few days and forget just how precarious modern life is. The rub is that it isn’t quick or easy to devise a way to get yourself and your family off the grid for some time to re-center. Wilderness Collective hopes it can light the way for you.

Founded in 2011, the company offers package tours via UTV or motorcycle into iconic spots in the American West. It offers individual or family tour packages that focus on being present in the wilderness and a “digital detox.” That means no phone for you, so look elsewhere if you’re just doin’ it for the ’Gram.

The packages start at $4,000, but offer a 25 percent discount if you bring your own street-legal UTV. The meetups are either in Las Vegas or Saint George, Utah. You’ll need to get yourself and your family to either city, but Wilderness Collective takes it from there. The packages include vehicle rental, chef-prepared food, gear, fuel, drinks, and sundries.

The trips cover four days and three nights, and traverse some unbelievable ground. You can opt for trips into the Grand Canyon, or from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park. If you're looking for a vacation with plenty of lounging, look elsewhere. But if you need adventure and would rather come home with a little red dust in your nose and stories for a lifetime, check out the offerings at Wilderness Collective.