5 Compact First Aid Kits For The UTV Glove Box

Carry a little insurance on the trail in the glove box

Finding yourself deep in the woods with a minor injury is never fun, but do you have anything with you to treat a beesting or minor abrasion or cut? We all know that space in most every UTV and some ATVs can be limited, so we thought it would be interesting to find first aid kits that were compact and that could fit into the glove box on your ATV or SxS. We know these kits will not contain a surgical team, but the point is they will help with minor cuts, abrasions, or even the occasional bug bite or beesting that happens on the trail. Here are the five choices we found for those smaller situations.

Survival First Aid Kit: $99.95

Survival First Aid Kit
We realize this kit could be the most expensive of the group, but it does contain many great items that will help you on the trail should a problem arise. This kit comes in a zippered multi-compartment bag that is tough. Each and every item is labeled and has instructions as to what it is used for. This kit could be considered for large families of two or more. It even has its own small compartment for your personal medication or other items you may need. Approved by the FDA and certified sterile, this kit will fit in most any UTV glove box.Amazon

FAO - First Aid Only Kit: $16.54

FAO - First Aid Only Kit
The First Aid Only line of first aid kits come not only very compact but very affordable. The vinyl zippered case has 299 physician-recommended supplies for many different situations. From scissors to tweezers and bandages galore this kit is great for that tight spot in the UTV glove box or storage compartment on the ATV. Smaller items in the kit include Band-Aids and even burn gel. Antiseptics as well as tape, bandage gauze, and alcohol wipes fill the pack. It’s cheap insurance for those outdoor trips.Amazon

Mini DR First Aid Kit: $12.58

Mini DR First Aid Kit
Getting even more compact we found this Mini DR kit that is priced into any budget. Package contents include things like metal tweezers, pads, and bandages. The kit even has a survival whistle for those times when you’re caught out alone and need help. The fully organized interior allows the user to find items quickly, and the semi-rigid water-resistant case keeps items in good working order until they are needed. The kit measures 6-1/4 x 4-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches, so it should fit in any storage space, but if you have no room, it has a small carabiner for easy belt-loop hookup.Amazon

Thrive Brand First Aid Kit: $11.95

Thrive Brand First Aid Kit
Moving right on down into the more compact kits we found this one by Thrive Brand. The zippered pouch made of 600-denier rip-stop polyester contains 66 essential items, and this might be the smallest kit we would advise on using for off-road. The kit does contain a booklet on typical treatment of common injuries, so this is a plus. According to the Thrive Brand, the kit complies with American ANSI and OSHA professional standards for most environments.Amazon

Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit: $34.99

Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit
Stepping back up in size for the UTV owner we found this incredibly popular kit that comes in a hard-plastic case to keep its contents safe and secure. Built by one of the leading suppliers in first aid, this kit contains 326 pieces of comprehensive supplies for most situations where first aid is needed. There are two separate layers of first aid for large and small first aid products and tilting shelves designed for easy access and refill. Even though this kit might be the largest in the group, it will still fit in many UTV glove boxes. Keeping good products available for those unexpected situations is crucial. Go prepared!Amazon