Compact Tire Plug Kits For The ATV/UTV

Carry a little insurance on the trail with a tire plug kit in the glove box

Fix a trailside flat tire with a tire plug kit, a must-have for any ATV or UTV. It has become very apparent over the years that even with a gentle driving prowess you can still get a nail or thorn in a tire that will release the wind within. There are also many objects in the trail that can unseat the bead of the tire or even cut the tread causing a flat. The term “snakebite” is when a rock pinches the tire sidewall between the rim and itself causing a small hole in the tire. This can possibly be temporarily repaired with a small tire plug kit. Maybe even allowing you to reach the truck for full-on repair.

Here are a few tire plug kits that will fit in the glovebox or at the very least will ride safely in the cab or on the rack of your ATV/ UTV.

Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit

So you have had a great day on the trail and then all of a sudden you clip a rock or run off trail and get into a thorn bush. Trail debris can puncture your tire leaving you stranded on the trail with a flat. But you remember that the Stop & Go tire plug and inflator kit is in the glovebox and within a short time your tire is completely plugged, full of air, and you are back in the trail smiling again. This kit comes with plugs, and even a CO2 cartridge kit to inflate the tire. This is a popular kit that will fit in any glovebox!Amazon

Kolpin Flat Pack Tire Plug Kit

Kolpin makes some of the best accessories for any ATV or UTV, and this little tire plug kit is yet another reason we consider them for our needs. Packaged in a round plastic tube complete with a hand pump to inflate any low tire, the kit includes plugs as well as the tools to properly install them. Kolpin claims you can fix up to 10 flats with this one kit as well! If you want, you can just toss it in the glove box, but this rugged little kit will strap to a rack or roll structure for convenient storage until it’s needed. Let’s hope it is never needed!Amazon

Genuine Innovations ATV Tire Repair Kit

Genuine Innovations has packaged up its G3516 model ATV tire plug kit to be compact and fit nearly anywhere. The kit is equipped not only with plugs as well as a durable reamer and install tool but a CO2 cartridge tool. This kit comes with three disposable cartridges and these can be repurchased to refill the kit should they ever need to be used. The kit comes in a zippered pouch and has a 12-inch braided hose to better reach those smaller tire valves.Amazon

Safety Seal Tire Plug Kit

Safety seal makes tire plug kits that are somewhat suited for more truck and SUV situations, but we did find this kit small enough yet equipped properly for a UTV owner. Even the ATV riders in the group could benefit from its contents. Each kit contains 30 4-inch (10cm) repairs, metal T-handle insertion tool, extra insertion needle, wrench and set screw, metal T-handle spiral probe, lube, and instructions in a tough little pouch. A very tough little kit!Amazon

Grit Performance Tire Repair Kit

Since we had covered the more expensive kit we thought it would be good to give you a larger kit with a lower price option as well. Now this tire repair kit from Grit Performance may be a tight fit in the glove box of a UTV, it is still sized effectively for easy transport. This 71-piece kit also comes equipped with many of the essentials as well as a pair of rubberized gloves for a good grip on the tools. The hard plastic molded case keeps things organized and is tough enough to be tossed around in the bed of a UTV or in the glove box.Amazon