Filson’s New Alcan Line Is Tailor-made for Trail Abuse

Filson’s New Alcan Line Is Tailor-made for Trail Abuse

Filson is moving into a new market with some exciting new gear.Filson

When it comes to rugged and dependable clothing for the worker, hunter, or rancher, Filson makes some of the best in the business. Now the Seattle-based manufacturer is turning its expertise to motorsports with its new Alcan line. The company has released a pair of jackets, a vest, and a pair of pants, along with a helmet made in collaboration with Bell and gloves made in partnership with JRC Glove Company. Rounding out the lineup are a backpack and a tool roll.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Filson felt the need to make new footwear for the Alcan line. We’ve been big fans of Filson footwear for more than a decade now, and it would have been nice to see a new set of boots with some extra ankle bracing. Not only would it add riding protection, the reinforcement is helpful when clambering over slick rocks while looking for a tree to anchor your winch.

The company may have tested the new line with bikes, but this gear is ideal for a UTV trip.Filson

While the products are being marketed for dirt bikers, the gear is perfect for long days in your UTV. Unlike a lot of motorcycle gear, the Alcan collection isn’t stuffed with bulky rubber pads. Instead, Filson has opted to just overbuild each piece from sturdy materials, such as Tin Cloth waxed canvas. With double layers and extra stitching, the Alcan collection is made to withstand weather and abuse without relying on extra layers or special membranes like Gore-Tex.

To prove how tough this stuff is, Filson put its money where its mouth is and sent a team of riders out to tackle the 500-mile-long Washington Backcountry Discovery Route.

Now, as much as we trust and love the products Filson has made over the last century or so, we don't just take companies at their word. We're looking to get our hands on some of this equipment in the next few weeks to see if it really can put it up with everything Filson claims. Keep it locked here on UTV Driver to make sure you don't miss it.