Handup Gloves: In-your-face Style

Taking hand protection to a whole different level.

HandUp Gloves on UTV Tire
A glove for every shape, season, and style a rider could want.Kevan Ray

You control your side-by-side with two points on your body: your feet and your hands. Your feet do the going and the stopping. Your hands control every other function on your rig. We protect our feet with sturdy boots and socks. Why not show the same love to our hands? We slid ours into some new Handup Gloves (pun intended) and figured we’d give you the quick and dirty of what makes them so appealing.

HandUp Gloves on UTV Steering wheel
Easy to slip on, slim and comfortable, and built trail trough.Kevan Ray

A glove is a glove is a glove, right? Wrong. Handup Gloves offers a solution for every season, every size, and every color palette. A husband and wife team started the company out of a spare bedroom in Chattanooga, Tennessee, back in 2014 with the idea of offering a way for cyclists to communicate and connect with their hands. You see, Handup Gloves aren't just normal gloves. Their claim to fame is the unique word or phrase stamped onto the palm. This idea was born out of the same concept of the infamous Jeep wave; a way to instantly connect with like-minded individuals in passing.

Besides the gloves being a great fit with a multitude of sizing options, you get a product that fits your style. Have a bright blue Yamaha RMAX? Neat, grab some American flag gloves with a bald eagle and the word “ ’Merica” etched across the palms. Rocking a yellow Can-Am? Grab a set of the yellow prizm gloves that scream “Ride Dirty.” Our current favorite pair is the hops pattern with “Beer Me” on the underside. After the ride’s through, of course.

Handup Gloves palm side
Match your gloves to your rig’s LED light color or match your palm with your mood. The choices are endless.Kevan Ray

At the time of writing this article. Handup is having its annual winter clearance event with some steep discounts on in-stock gloves and apparel. Go check them out and remember to flash us with your palms the next time you see us out on the trail!