Those of us looking to explore a very unique and scenic sand dune riding area — it’ll remind you of pictures you have seen of Mars, really — will venture out to the Logandale Trails System, which is located within and adjacent to the Valley of Fire State Park in Logandale, Nevada. The town of Logandale is located about 45 minutes northeast of Las Vegas just south of I-15, and it plays host to all visitors going through to this riding area. There are plenty of gas and grocery facilities here, but we still recommend stopping in Vegas to fill up on all of the essentials because supplies could be limited.

The terrain here isn’t too challenging, so don’t expect the steep dunes and wide-open bowls that comprise Dumont. However, the scenery is worth the stop here, at least for one night on this Ultimate Sand-Slingin’ Adventure. If you venture out to the petroglyph site (within the riding area), enjoy it but be sure to leave the site alone and treat it with respect by leaving the artifacts in place and not climbing on the rock art. This is a very unique feature within Logandale that we all want to enjoy for many years.

The Details

Logandale Trails System (Nevada)Casey Cordeiro
  • Latitude/Longitude: 36.5934º N, 114.5268º W
  • How to get there: Off of I-15, take Exit 93 and head south on Highway 169 to Logandale. Turn right on Liston Road (Pirates Landing pizza restaurant) and at the end of the road make a right onto Pioneer Road, which parallels the railroad tracks. Cross the tracks and stay on the dirt road to the riding area.
  • Fees: None
  • Regulations: 96-decibel sound limit, night riding is permitted, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • Open riding area: approximately 200 miles of trails
  • Elevation: 1,100–2,000 feet
  • Landmarks to visit: There are petroglyphs scattered in the riding area; please observe them and leave them be.
  • Camping: Open camping with signs posted for any closed areas.
  • Closest hotel accommodations: Two options in town—North Shore Inn, Plaza Motel
  • Closest grocery store: Lin's Fresh Market in Logandale
  • Closest gas station: several options in Logandale
  • Points of interest nearby: Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Valley of Fire State Park
  • Weather: Winter averages around the high 50s to mid-60s during the day and high 30s at night. Average summer temps range from low 80s at night to just over 100 during the day.
  • Notes: Bring plenty of water and supplies! Watch for horseback riders and mountains bikers who frequent the area. There is a Napa Auto Parts in Logandale. Pack it in and pack it out.
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