Watch Mitch Guthrie Jr. Race Against Trophy Trucks in a Pro R

Can a Polaris beat the fastest off-roaders in the world?

Watch Mitch Guthrie Jr. race a Polaris Pro R against some of the most expensive off-road vehicles in the world.Xtravel Technologies

Side-by-sides have been pounding on the doors of unlimited class racing for years now, and it seems that every year a new racer or vehicle makes news by beating out the rest of the competition. Last year, Mitch Guthrie Jr. signed up for the Silver State 300 Class 1, which is dominated by million-dollar trophy trucks. He registered with a Polaris RZR Pro R.

After qualifying in seventh and running a grueling race, Guthrie Jr. went on to place second. What’s even more impressive is that he only finished 12 seconds behind first. Among every other racer in the Silver State 300 who was piloting some of the most expensive off-road vehicles in the world, Guthrie Jr. made history in a side-by-side. Check out Xtravel Technologies’ video below for a full recap of the race and to see Guthrie Jr. shredding in a Pro R.

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