Watch Hailie Deegan Terrify Friends in Her New Can-Am

The NASCAR driver takes her new Can-Am Maverick X3 Max out for its inaugural shred.

Can-Am and Cameron Steele’s Baja HQ absolutely tricked out NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Hailie Deegan’s new Can-Am Maverick X3 Max.YouTube

Hailie Deegan might make her coin whipping around paved ovals in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, but her ancestral blood is firmly planted on dirt tracks and arenas around the country. Like her dad, freestyle motocross madman Brian Deegan, Hailie is no stranger to long-travel suspension and sending massive jumps.

The skid plates, window nets, spare tire rack, and roof are all straight out of the Can-Am catalog.YouTube

Can-Am took notice, recently handing the younger Deegan the keys to a tricked-out Maverick X3 Max. She took delivery of the Monster Energy-liveried ripper this week, and wasted no time using it to scare the daylights out of a couple friends at her house in Southern California.

Fox and Eibach teamed up on the Deegan build to set the suspension up to absolutely devour jumps.YouTube

The only pal Deegan doesn’t manage to make scream is her buddy Sage, who grew up ripping UTVs and dirt bikes under her dad’s watchful glare.

Baja racer Cameron Steele’s shop was responsible for getting Deegan’s rig set up to her preferences.YouTube

The video doesn’t mention what specific model X3 Hailie got hooked up with, but trophy truck racer Cameron Steele’s Baja HQ chucked most of the Can-Am accessory catalog at the rig. Mods include a “secret sauce” Fox shocks with Eibach springs, Method wheels, Tensor tires, a rear spare tire rack, full underbody plating, and window nets. But the two most obvious mods are purely cosmetic. Baja HQ wired in a monster stereo with six roof-mounted speakers. On the outside, they wrapped the whole rig in Monster Energy colors to leave no mistake of who is putting their might behind Deegan’s rise.

Form and function coexist peacefully with Tensor tires and Method wheels.YouTube

Interestingly, Deegan has nothing but praise for the handling of the long-wheelbase Maverick X3 Max, though she does say the short wheelbase models take more kindly to being jumped. The ride looks incredibly stable thanks to the work of Fox and Eibach, even over big ruts and bigger tabletops at the Deegan homestead. We can’t wait to see what else Hailie has in store for the big Can-Am, and are stoked to hear that most of the parts in the build are available to mere mortals.