Watch Casey Currie’s Nasty Rollover at King of the Hammers

Casey Currie pushed past the limit during qualifying for UTV Hammers.

With the front wheels past the point of no return, gravity took over quickly.King of the Hammers

The UTV Hammers course at this year’s King of the Hammers is an absolute monster, and as Casey Currie found out during qualifying, it cares not a lick how skilled or experienced you are. Driving a 2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R after switching early last year from Can-Am, Currie was having a pretty good run, until he got knocked just a hair off line. From there, things literally went downhill.

The clip shows Currie’s front wheels getting kicked in the air on a small boulder, forcing a correction as they landed. The steering input and a bootful of gas pointed the big Polaris straight at a much bigger and angrier outcrop, which threw the driver’s side front wheel into the air and past the point of no return. With momentum heading up and back, it isn’t long before gravity takes over.

Front wheels should ideally point the same direction. Currie’s spill wrecked the front suspension of his RZR Turbo R, leaving his team with a big job to patch it up before Thursday’s race.King of the Hammers

According to a post on his Instagram, Currie is fine, though the rig is going to need some serious repairs before Thursday’s race. Currie said in the post that he went too hard at the steep rock face on a line he hadn’t practiced. A video of the full run and spill is live on Currie’s YouTube channel.

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