Show Us Your Best Trail Fix

Zip-ties, ratchet straps, and J.B. Weld, oh my!

There, we fixed it.Zach Bowman

Years ago, a mechanic group gave out an award for the best roadside fix, and the winner earned his accolade by replacing a resistor on a Land Rover Defender with, I kid you not, a potato. We’ve had to come up with some pretty creative fixes on the trail, from supergluing sidewalls to, most recently, bracing a broken radius rod with four wrenches, a spark plug tool, two ratchet straps, and a pack of zip-ties. In the off-road world, we’ll do whatever it takes to get back to the trailhead so long as we don’t have to endure the shame of being towed out by a buddy. Something tells us we’re not alone.

We know you’ve worked similar heroics, and we want to see your best trailside fix. We’ll feature the most creative solutions here on the site and on our social media. Just send a photo and a quick description of what happened, along with your name and where you ride. Simple as that.

Meanwhile, we’ll be out doing our best to break our toys. See you out there.

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