Watch Us Unload Our Ramptek Trailer in Less Than 2 Minutes

The UTV-focused trailers make it fast and easy.

When it comes to trailers for your UTV, there is no shortage of choice, but some units are far easier to use than others. At UTV Driver, we rely on a pair of Ramptek trailers. The Idaho-based company sets itself apart by building trailers that are designed specifically for hauling UTVs. This means smart features like integrated straps, an adjustable hitch, and built-in load ramp. Put it all together and the result is a trailer that is so simple to use that unloading becomes an afterthought.

Associate Editor Kevan Ray, who you know from our Trail 22 rides, put together a quick tutorial on unloading your Ramptek. Even taking breaks to talk to the camera, Kevan got the job done in under two minutes. Can’t say fairer than that.