Save Up to $1,000 on a New Roofnest Tent

Save big with Roofnest’s extended Black Friday sales.

Save big on Roofnest tents.Roofnest

Rooftop tents have been the standard for overlanding for years now. They take 15 minutes to set up, eat up no precious cargo space, and are usually more comfortable than your standard two-person tent. The only problem with rooftop tents is the price. You can look to spend upward of $4,000 for one, and that seems almost like a rip-off compared to a $10 Ozark Trail tent. Luckily, Roofnest is running an extended Black Friday sales event.

The sale includes the Condor, Falcon, Meadowlark, and Sparrow tents. The best deal will be on the Falcon Pro tent, which is marked down to $2,995 from $3,995. Most of the tents are in stock and ready to ship, and any tents on backorder will be shipped early December. If you’re in the market for a rooftop tent or know someone who could use one, head over to to capitalize on the great deal.

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