4WD 24/7 Revives the Cheap Truck Challenge

The tried-and-true formula never worked so well.

It wouldn’t be 4WD 24/7 without a very, very flexible Toyota HiLux.4WD 24/7

Who doesn’t love a good budget showdown? One of our favorites from the last couple of years is the ongoing 4WD 24/7 cheap truck challenge. What started back in 2021 with a tired Toyota HiLux and a very, very hammered Nissan Patrol has evolved into parallel long-form build series. But this week the trucks are going back to their roots for an old-fashioned cheap truck wheel-off.

And it definitely wouldn’t be 4WD 24/7 without some serious door dings.4WD 24/7

The video starts with some mods and repairs, and then quickly heads into the Queensland outback to an excellent-looking off-road park. Plenty of rain means the trails are all much harder than they usually are, and that means smashed-in doors, lost traction, and plenty of winching.

By far the hardest bit to watch is Jocko dropping the HiLux’s driver’s door into a rock outcrop during a winch challenge he set up. He was squarely losing the challenge before banging his door in, but the panel damage sealed the fate. And that was after he cheated to try and win. Hit the YouTube link to check out almost an hour of premium Australian off-road content.

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