Check Out This Custom Stretched RZR Build

When you can’t find the four-door you want, build it yourself.

Stretching a Polaris RZR 1000 42 inches affords you all the space in the world.Unfluencer

Here’s the scenario: You’re a skilled fabricator who has finally made it far enough to scoop up your dream side-by-side. You shop carefully for months, save your pennies, and finally land on The One. A Polaris RZR. But after you get to the dealership, you notice a problem. The back seat of the four-seat RZR you’ve been coveting is way too small for your needs. By all other measures, the RZR is the pick of the litter, and competing four-door sport rigs aren’t much better. What do you do?

The customized, Android-powered touchscreen stereo is a particularly nice touch.Unfluencer

Well, in this YouTuber’s case, you find a wrecked two-door RZR, buy a bunch of steel tubing, and get to cutting. This rig was bought at a salvage auction in a sad state, but since the whole cage was getting redone and the chassis was getting stretched, that wasn’t a huge ordeal.

The total stretch is 42 inches, which takes a huge amount of engineering to pull off. But the chassis stretch isn’t the only thing at play here. The rig will be getting all new headlights and taillights, a train horn, eBay leatherette racing seats, and an Android-powered touchscreen stereo. To make the head unit work, the builder flipped it upside down and reprogrammed the operating system to invert the display.

Despite the stretch, the RZR will stick with its stock horsepower.Unfluencer

The rig started life as a non-turbo Polaris RZR 1000, and will stick with its stock horsepower. The goal is more family cruiser than desert blaster. It’s going to be very cool to see this rig when it is all put together.

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