Watch Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Get Very Stuck

Stupid is stupid, even when you know what you’re doing.

The Matt’s Off-Road Recovery wrecker trying, and failing, to negotiate deep sand.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery regularly makes sketchy rescues look routine, and tries tactics that for anyone else would be terribly ill-advised. But they don’t usually do stuff that is patently dumb from beginning to end. Except in this video, in which they drive their entire recovery fleet down a long, deep sand hill. They’re accompanied by a couple of guys from VinWiki in a Porsche Cayenne. From the start, they know they’re doing something stupid, but they proceed anyway.

As the day wanes, the VinWiki Porsche Cayenne is still very, very stuck.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

The results are, in a word, predictable. The MORR Off-Road Wrecker begins the day with two broken air lockers, fails at seven tries to get up the hill, and then overheats. There’s a brief moment of hope when Matt gets the lockers working, but the hill eventually proves too much for the big rig and they end up having to leave it at the bottom of the hill.

Then the MORRvair, the Banana, and the Cayenne each have their own struggles. In all, the trip down the hill and the requisite self-rescue ends up taking an entire day. The only vehicle that doesn’t have any issue getting down or up is a brand-new, nearly stock Ford Bronco.

The Banana starts up the hill with the Off-Road Wrecker wallowing in defeat.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

No word yet on when or how they’ll get the wrecker back, but let this video be a cool reminder that if something looks dumb, the chances are it is.

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