How Much Does the 2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R Weigh?

We put the new forced-induction RZR on our scales.

Weighing the 2022 Polaris RZR Turbo R.Zach Bowman

Polaris recently dropped off a new 2022 RZR Turbo R at our Knoxville, Tennessee, headquarters, and the first thing we did was top off the tank and put it on our scales. Polaris claims a dry weight of 1,943 pounds, which is almost 200 pounds heavier than the outgoing RZR Pro XP. With all the necessary fluids, our tester weighed in at 2,121 pounds. That’s a little on the heavy side for a two-seat sport rig, but like the 2022 RZR Pro R, it’s clear where the machine gained its pounds.

Everything about the new machine is beefier than its predecessor. The front control arms are forearm thick, and look ready to take any amount of abuse. Polaris also abandoned the old poly roof for a tougher metal unit with integrated ducktail spoiler, and the factory 32-inch tires are considerably heavier than the old 30-inch Maxxis Carnivores found on the Pro XP.

The final tally.Zach Bowman

Interestingly, like the new Pro R, the RZR Turbo R carries its weight well. Our scales indicated a near perfect 50/50 weight balance, even with the lighter turbocharged parallel twin out back instead of the Pro R’s heavier inline four-cylinder engine. We can’t wait to put this machine through its paces, but first we need to get through the break-in period. Stay tuned.

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