Watch 4WD 24/7 Destroy a Chromoly Axle

It takes real commitment to blow things up this badly.

That isn’t supposed to look like that…4WD 24/7

Off-roaders are hard on equipment, but the crew at 4WD 24/7 take that to an extreme—every time they go out it seems a CV, half shaft, or differential goes to the big trail in the sky. And on their most recent cheap truck challenge between “Daryl” the Nissan Patrol and “The Pony” Toyota Hilux, things were pretty much par for the course.

The globs of black grease are packed with pieces of an expensive CV.4WD 24/7

Even with a new set of chromoly CVs, the Pony managed to basically explode a CV not far from the end of the trip. We’re pretty sure that trying to scale a near-vertical cliff face had everything to do with its demise, but even with the extreme ask the breakage was spectacular. And, because Jocko had thrown in the chromoly stuff right before the trip and was expecting it to last, he hadn’t brought any spares.

Thankfully a friend lived near the trails and was able to bring him a replacement, but as always 4WD 24/7 has taken one on the chin so you don’t have to. The moral is, even if you have shiny new mods in your rig, it never hurts to have spares along.

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