2023 Honda Pioneer 700 Deluxe Photos

A gallery of the updated Pioneer 700.

Honda dusted off the Pioneer 700 for 2023 with a handful of minor updates.Honda
The updates start with a revised power steering system. Honda says the new hardware reduces effort by 25 percent.Honda
There’s also more storage than before, thanks to a revised glove box.Honda
Honda carried over the in-bed 12-volt outlet from the Pioneer 1000, too.Honda
The Pioneer 700 now has in-bed LED lighting.Honda
Finally, an updated gauge cluster helps freshen up the cabin.Honda
Otherwise, the Pioneer 700 uses the same engine and chassis as before.Honda
That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the single-cylinder engine and three-speed automatic transmission are capable enough to have fun.Honda
Despite its compact footprint, the cabin is spacious enough for adults.Honda
Don’t expect to find a low-range option, though. The Pioneer gets by with reverse, neutral, and drive. There is no park-in-transmission, so you’ll need to remember to use the hand brake.Honda
The Pioneer 700 uses a conservative 25-inch tire on a 12-inch aluminum rim.Honda
Still, the small rubber doesn’t stop the machine from being a capable billy goat.Honda

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